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September 8, 2023
Meet the Team


Richard Bravo was studying internal combustion engines at Pima Community College in Tucson when his dad helped get him a summer job as an underground chute tapper at the mines. He spent a second summer working there during school before opting to stay on fulltime.

 “It was a pretty crazy experience for my first mining job,” recalled Richard. “I was underground all day breaking rocks with a 16- or 20-pound double jack. You really had to stay on your toes because it is a dangerous job.”

From there, Richard was hired on at Asarco Ray Mine as an apprentice diesel electric mechanic. He spent the next 30 years working in the mines, eventually moving from the maintenance side of things over to Pinto Valley Mine where he joined the management team.

“I always appreciated how big the equipment is at the mines,” shared Richard. “You go into the pit and watch a shovel load a huge truck and you start to realize the scale of the equipment. I was part of building trucks from the ground up for a fleet and that first time you see it breaking dirt and loading up ore, it’s really one of the coolest experiences.”

In his last few years at Pinto Valley Mine, Richard was part of the planning and reliability team, which is how he became more familiar with Cutting Edge Supply’s products.

“I would run trials and compile data and hours on different wear products to learn what was best for our fleet,” said Richard. “Cutting Edge Supply parts were by far the best and lasted well over OEM parts. We also always had excellent customer service from them.”

When word got around that Richard was leaving the mines to take a consulting job with a company in the Midwest that would require quite a bit of traveling, Cutting Edge Supply enticed him with an offer to join the sales force.

“I’ve got two young kids and it was a chance to be at home every night with my family,” said Richard. “It was also something new and different yet comfortable given my relationships and contacts at the mines plus my familiarity with some of the CES crew. It’s definitely been a different change of pace and I’m enjoying it.”

Despite his previous experience with CES, it was still eye-opening for Richard once he came on board just over a year ago. (check timing – one year May 23)

“I wasn’t aware that they had the Chrome Craft division that handles cylinders and pins,” said Richard. “It’s a very diverse line or products and services and that was surprising to me.”

Since transitioning to sales, Richard operates based on the approach that resonated the most when he was on the other side of the transaction.

“I know what didn’t work for me,” he explained. “I was never a fan of the used car salesman approach or when I felt someone was blowing smoke. I never want to be that guy so to me it’s about building relationships. I care about my customers and their families. I’m here to help throw out solutions and try to help increase productivity because I’ve been in their shoes before.”

Away from the office, the Kearny, Arizona resident has multiple hobbies to keep him on his toes — off-roading, grilling, fishing, hunting, golfing, softball, camping and even participating in rodeos.

“I’ve always got something going,” laughed Richard.

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