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Do you only sell Cutting Edges?

Cutting Edge Supply provides customers with a vast array of cutting edges for most makes and models of earth moving machinery, but it’s far from the only thing we have to offer. We also carry SSAB abrasive-resistant steel such as Hardox, Strenx and Duroxite, a full line of ground engaging tools (buckets & attachments, teeth & adapters, liners, roll plates, wear plates, augers & accessories), crushing wear parts, screening media, scraper parts, paver parts and more.

Additionally, we offer custom fabrication and have an expert team to handle welding and hydraulic cylinder repairs.

Can I still order parts if I don’t have the OEM part numbers?

It helps greatly to expedite your order if you have an OEM part number, but if you don’t have access to such, we can still help you find the right replacement part you need.

We’ll need to get the equipment type, make and model as well as some other basic information such as part measurements like length, bolt hole spacing, number of holes, and size of hardware the part uses, etc.

If it’s a more involved project, we also have over 20 field salesmen servicing Arizona, California and Nevada who can visit your operation or jobsite and help identify the parts you need — all free of charge!

I have a part that I’m told no longer exists. Can you help to recreate it?

If the part can be made out of steel through fabrication and machining, we should be able to reverse engineer the part with the help of our expert draft and engineering team. Also, through our business division, Chrome Craft in Sacramento, we can manufacture pins for industrial machinery including dippers, scraper hitches, loader buckets, excavator buckets, dozer and ripper pins, pivot shafts and more. Additionally, the shop can remanufacture hydraulic cylinders, wheel spindles, haul truck suspension pistons and more.

Do you offer customized engineering solutions or custom fabrication?

Yes, we have a full computer aided design and drafting team that can help create your unique and specialized project.

What are my shipping options?

Any and all, from our own flatbed trucks to common carriers such as UPS & FedEX, LTL carriers and hired lowboy/flatbed as required.

How can I check the status of an order?

If checking on the status of an order, please contact either the store you placed your order with or your outside sales representative who will happily assist in getting you an updated ship date.

Do you perform bucket repair and upgrades?

Yes, we specialize in full-service bucket repair, and can tackle repairs on buckets of any size. We also offer recommended upgrades on bucket repairs to help extend the wear life of your heavy equipment. Our main mission is to help reduce downtime and protect your bottom line.

What is Tungsten Carbide Embedding? What are the benefits?

Tungsten measures between 8-9 on the MOHS hardness scale (diamonds measure 10). Tungsten is 4 times harder than titanium, 5 times harder than tool steel, and has the same density/weight of solid gold. Tungsten Carbide Embedding at Cutting Edge Supply is a high amperage weld arc process that first melts the parent steel of the blade, tooth or Hardox plate down to a maximum of 3/8” depth. The Tungsten Carbide particles are carefully screened so that only pure TC is dropped into the weld matrix. Sixty percent of these particles are then embedded into the parent metal with the other 40% as a surface wear lining. The process is applied only to the “critical wear areas” in order to prolong wear part life, reduce scrap material and lower operating costs.

Does Chrome Craft offer decorative chrome?

With the name "Chrome Craft" it is understandable that we get calls from those looking for ornamental chrome services, but we only offer hard chrome plating, which is primarily used for functionality in industrial applications. There are some functional aspects to decorative plating, such as smoothness and corrosion resistance, but the processes involved are different.

Decorative chrome requires that several other metals, such as nickel and copper, be plated onto the part before chromium is deposited. These other layers of electroplated metal are necessary to develop the high luster that is desired in ornamental applications. In decorative applications the thickness of the chrome plate does not often surpass 0.000050". Hard chrome applications sometimes only need 0.0005" of chrome, often require 0.005" to 0.020" for reworking worn areas, and can call for deposits up to 0.030" to 0.040".

How do I place an order?

You can call, email or fax the location that is nearest to you. We have locations in Arizona, California and Nevada. Contact information for each location is listed here.

What brands do you carry?

We work with top-of-the-line vendors including Black Cat Wear Parts, Durex, Excel Foundry, Hensley Industries, H&L Tooth, Kennametal, Metso Screening Media, Pengo, SSAB (Armox, Duroxite, Hardox, Strenx), Spokane Industries, Weir ESCO and XMOR.

Do you make site visits? Are your reps MSHA certified?

Yes, pending location. We have over 20 full-time field sales representatives servicing Arizona, California and Nevada who are visiting customers daily. All are MSHA certified.

Do you deliver?

Yes, normally our delivery radius is within 150 miles from any of our six locations. Addresses for each location can be found here.

What payment methods are accepted?

American Express, Mastercard, Visa, check or money orders.

Can I visit the shop?

Yes, we offer shop tours at our main plant in Colton, California, and can arrange shop tours at our two other manufacturing and repair centers in Sacramento and Phoenix.

Can you also handle hydraulic cylinder repairs?

Yes, the team at our Chrome Craft Division in Sacramento are experts at repairing hydraulic cylinders. They will first evaluate your damaged equipment, and then provide you with recommendations and a quote for your repair.

How do I request service?

You can either call your local store or contact your outside sales representative. For a list of locations, please visit here:

More Questions?

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