Cutting Edge Supply is equipped on-site with heavy duty General & CNC Machining, allowing us to expedite your custom fabrication, remanufacture or repair job.

Our state-of-the-art machines superiorly handle CNC milling, face-milling, beveling, drilling, boring and tapping of the toughest and strongest steels on the planet, while delivering the tightest tolerances. Through Chrome Craft, we also have machines for precision grinding, including centerless grinding and I.D. grinding.


Service Locations

Colton, California

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    Hurco VMX84i Vertical CNC Machining Center 3-AXIS CNC Mill (84” X‐axis, 34” Y‐axis, 30” Z‐axis)
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    Hurco VMX50ti Vertical CNC Machining Center 3-AXIS CNC Mill (50” X‐axis, 26” Y‐axis, 24” Z‐axis)
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    Hurco VMX50ti Vertical CNC Machining Center 3-AXIS CNC Mill (50” X‐axis, 26” Y‐axis, 24” Z‐axis)

Sacramento, California

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    Haas 1140948VF-9/50 Vertical CNC Machining Center 3-AXIS CNC Mill (84” X‐axis, 40” Y‐axis, 30” Z‐axis)
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    Precision O.D. Grinder = Up to 156” long center to center
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    Precision I.D. Grinder = 2" I.D. up to 12" I.D.
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    Centerless Grinder = 3" O.D. x 18" length


Equipped with state-of-the-art cutting tables, our shop utilizes heat applied plasma and oxy-torch, as well as waterjet for plate cutting (flat cuts, beveling and rough holes). Our machines can handle steel of all grades, and up to 8”-thick steel.

Kinetic K5000XMC Plasma Cutting System

Kinetic’s K5000xmc is one of the most modern cutting systems available. Built for heavy-duty combination plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and milling and even some machining, it can handle up to 3”-thick steel. This system features a large 14’ x 50’ table, submergible bed and 24 tool stations with auto tool change out, allowing us to do an entire cutting edge on this one machine. It will cut the outside shape, bevel the edges, and then switch tools to machine in the holes.

Kinetic K2500 Plasma Cutting System

The K2500 delivers renowned Kinetic accuracy and efficiency in a medium-duty plasma cutting system. Its capabilities include plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, beveling and multi-torch cutting. Our system features a large 13’ x 90’ table with a submersible bed, allowing us to preload multiple longer sheets for improved speed. This system also features four configurable stations on the main torch carriage.


Messer Titan III Plasma Cutting System

This heavy-duty CNC flame cutting table has both oxy and plasma torch capabilities and is utilized for cutting our thickest plates of steel. It can handle 8’ x 24’ sheets of steel, and up to 8” thick.

Waterjet Cutting

We also offer “cold cutting” via precision waterjet. Although a slower process, waterjet cutting provides a cleaner edge and a tighter tolerance than our other heat-applied processes.


We are a steel forming powerhouse with some of the most powerful and largest press breaks in North America, capable of forming and rolling the hardest and toughest steels on the earth, including bending up to 4.5”-thick steel plates.

We use superior material from Hardox and Strenx steels produced by SSAB. These steels have guaranteed specifications with tighter tolerances, cleaner finishes, and superior workability and weldability as compared to similar plate types or their ASTM equivalent call-out.

Utilizing CNC guided tooling in all our shops gives our operators and machinists higher accuracy and unmatched repeatability. Our multiple high-tonnage cranes, custom oversized forklifts, and press backgauge plate handlers allow us to move these massive parts during fabrication. In addition to accepting customer drawings, our experienced drafting and engineering team can match any template provided or reverse engineer from your sample. We also have over 60,000 drawings on file from past orders and stock parts.


AccurPress 2100 Rocker Press

Model #: HT 7210013
2100 Ton Capacity (700 ton per foot)
CNC, +/-0.030 accuracy
124” max width

Our newest press is built for strength, delivering an impressive 2,100 tons of total force used to form steel up to 6 inches thick into roll plates (dependent on the part width, applied at 700 tons per foot).

AccurPress 2000 Press Break

Model: Accell 5200024
2000 Ton Capacity (200 Ton Per Foot)
CNC, +/-0.030 accuracy
242” max width

This press goes the distance! The 2000 is our largest and longest press and can form up to 244” of steel, allowing us to shape long plates in a single formed sheet — other shops would have to do this in multiple sections.

AccurPress 600 Rocker Press Brake

Model: HT 760014
600 Ton Capacity (100 ton per foot)
CNC, +/-0.030 accuracy
132” max width

The 600 Rocker was our first press brake and has become the daily workhorse of our forming line. We leverage this brake to form all of our smaller plates and thinner material rolls.

Haeusler Roll Press

Model # VRM-HY-3050-228
CNC4 Roller
2 and 1/2” max thickness
122” max width

Our Haeusler Roll Press is a 4-drum roller that can make full circles and cones from plate by running the material between the roller drums. This machine has a 122” workable width and can roll up to 2-1/2” thick steel.