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Our Chrome Craft  division  in Sacramento has the experience and machinery to transform your worn OEM pins back to their original specs or build a custom pin completely from scratch.

Chrome Craft manufactured pins incorporate only the highest quality materials and technology that meet or exceed OEM specifications. Chrome Craft has also worked closely with OEM dealers and end users to develop a unique process for our custom and remanufactured pins that result in durable, wear-resistant pins that have no rival.

All Chrome Craft original and remanufactured pins are finished with an optimal layer of hard chrome. Our process avoids using an excessive amount of chrome, which would result in the chrome cracking. Our first step brings the pin to just under the finish size, with the original OEM hardness of the pin also met or exceeded. The pin is then put through precision machining, followed by hard chrome plating, which gives the pin more resistance to wear and scoring, and finally, polished to final OEM diameter.


Why is Thick Chrome a Bad Thing?

If you have ever used thick-chromed pins, you probably found out the hard way that those pins did not hold up. This is because heavy deposits of chrome will eventually chunk off due to the hammering the pin is subjected to during use.

The life of a pin of even the best quality still depends on proper sizing of the mating bore or bearing. Putting a rebuilt pin in a loose bore will result in premature wear on the pin. The bores also need to be rebored or the bearings replaced to have a properly rebuilt machine. This is something our team will also ensure is done correctly.