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Cutting Edge Supply carries buckets and attachments of ALL sizes for your backhoe, excavator and loader needs from several top-level vendors including ESCO, Hensley, Paladin, and Woods Gannon. If for some chance we don’t have exactly what you need in stock, we’ll custom build it.

As well as our own in-house library of drawings for custom buckets, we have a partnership with XMOR & SSAB to build XMOR’s revolutionary and patented bucket designs. Learn more about this partnership here.

Lastly, if you’ve got a beat-up bucket that you are hoping to salvage, Cutting Edge Supply provides full-service bucket repair and wear enhancement upgrades to get you back in business.

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Identifying Your Bucket & Attachment Needs

Looking for a new bucket or attachment and not exactly sure what you need? Don’t sweat it! Our sales team can help you determine the right choice by gathering some information such as machine, make and model, capacity and lip width of bucket. We can also provide expert guidance as far as material type for your specific application. Our service-oriented sales team also makes on-site visits for those customers with more complex needs.

Built from Premium Materials

Our custom buckets are as heavy duty as the equipment they’ll be used on. We use hard Hardox steel, the world’s leading abrasion-resistant steel, both in the structural parts of the bucket and the wear liners, ensuring you’ll get the best wear life out of your bucket. We also have stainless steel to effectively battle corrosion in certain applications, such as battery recycling.

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CES Buckets

Cutting Edge Custom Excavator & Loader Buckets

Esco Excavator and Backhoe Buckets

XMOR Custom Excavator Patented Design Built by Cutting Edge Supply

Hensley Excavator and Backhoe Buckets

Paladin Excavator and Backhoe Buckets

Woods Gannon Excavator and Backhoe Buckets/ Drag Box Attachment

XMOR - Lightest Weight with Largest Capacities

The XMOR Excavator Buckets come with multiple patented-and-design protected features that are revolutionizing excavation, loading and hauling. The combination of using the world’s best steels, with fatigue optimized design and the highest quality production processes, makes it possible to reduce weight and offer larger products with higher payloads than their counterparts. This results in an increase in the productivity of your assets while reducing your cost per ton.

Through our partnership with XMOR and SSAB, Cutting Edge Supply has access to these innovative and highly engineered designs and can custom-build buckets with high-strength abrasive-resistant steel, resulting in the lightest and hardest working bucket available for the mining and earth moving industries.

Bucket Repair Gallery


Our sales team strives to consistently provide superior customer service through each step of the ordering process, including helping you to quickly identify the parts you need, providing a price estimate, and advising you on additional wear part protection upgrades that can save you time and money in the long run. They will also do everything they can to expedite your order and reduce downtime.



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