Lightest Weight with Largest Capacities.

The XMOR Excavator Buckets come with multiple patented-and-design protected features that are revolutionizing excavation, loading and hauling. The combination of using the world’s best steels with fatigue optimized design and the highest quality production processes makes it possible to reduce weight and offer larger products with higher payloads than their counterparts, increasing the productivity of your assets and reducing your cost per ton.

Through our partnership with XMOR and SSAB Hardox, Cutting Edge Supply has access to these innovative and highly engineered designs and can custom-build buckets with high-strength abrasion-resistant steel, resulting in the lightest and hardest working bucket available for the mining and earth moving industries.

Learn more about these XMOR BHB (50-120 tons) and BHC (80-300 tons) Buckets below.



The XMOR BHB backhoe buckets target large size excavators where increased productivity in digging adds value to the process. The low weight of the buckets enables increased payload of 10-20% without increasing excavator suspended load.

The XMOR BHB-series comes with multiple patented- and design protected features.


Hardox 450 and Hardox 500 Tuf in the design allows for reduced plate thickness and better wear life


Optimized welding parameters and consumables for Hardox wear plate giving high quality welds


New beam design (patent pending) reduces weight and enables unmatched structural integrity


Less downtime is achieved by replacing traditional weld-on heel shrouds with patented mechanically attached heel segments


Inverted keel (patent pending) reduces wear on the bottom of the bucket, enabling function without heavy wear package underneath


Round smooth surfaces and a design that flex help to reduce carry back


Applications & Environments

Each model size targets 3 different material densities up to 2530, 2780 and 3030 lbs/CuYd. The buckets target a variety of applications within quarry industry as bulk earthworks, sand, gravel, coal stripping and blasted rock up to 20”.


Recommended configuration for different applications. Lip, GET and shrouds system is customer choice.


Non-Abrasive Rock

Spade Cutting Edge


Abrasive Rock

Spade Cutting Edge


Bulk Earthworks

Spade, Straight, Other


Abrasive Sand/Gravel

Straight Bolt-O

Suspended Load (lbs) 14000– 15800 16800– 19200 20200– 23000 25900– 29500 29600– 33700 33600– 38200 38800– 44300
Density (lbs/CuYd) 2530–3030 2530–3030 2530–3030 2530–3030 2530–3030 2530–3030 2530–3030
Volume (CuYd) 3.5-4.5 4.2-5.3 4.9-6.1 6.4-8.0 7.4-9.1 8.4-10.3 10.0-12.0
Bucket Weight (lbs) 3660-4200 4450-5060 5930-6730 7310-8200 8230-9140 9450-10460 10470-11580
Bucket Width (inches) 61-77 63-79 69-85 73-89 77-93 81-97 85-101
Tip to Pin (inches) 77 83 89 94 100 104 110

BHC SERIES – A Class of Its Own

Built to give up to 15% higher payload capacity compared to a conventional bucket. This bucket targets large-size excavators between 80 and 300 tons where increased productivity in digging adds value to the process.

High productivity buckets for tough mining conditions

XMOR BHC buckets have the necessary strength for tearing out blast footings, loading trucks and crushers with blasted rock and other heavy-duty operations such as bulk earthworks and coal stripping. The reduced weight of the bucket allows for more payload without increasing suspended load.



XMOR BHC buckets are designed for high productivity when working with rock, overburden material, sand and gravel, coal, clay and bulk earthworks.


Lower weight

The increased loading capacity of XMOR® BHC buckets is the result of reduced weight, which in turn is the result of optimizing every part for durability.


Increased uptime

XMOR BHC buckets use bolted heel segments instead of welded which means heel segment replacements can be performed in hours instead of days. Welding the heel segments on is also an option for harsher conditions.


Productivity in every detail

The XMOR BHC buckets are designed from the ground up for high productivity and long service life. They come with a number of innovative features that have approved and pending patents and design patents.

Inverted Keel

Inverted Keel

A proven and unique XMOR feature serving the dual purpose of distributing the material smoothly inside the bucket and keeping the external plate away from the material, thus reducing wear.

Flat Cutting Edge

Flat Cutting Edge

The flat Cutting Edge accommodates various GET options for protection against rock and wear.

Cavity Corner

Cavity Corner

The Cavity Corner reduces the weight by avoiding the traditional doubling of material. The cavity is covered by our Mechanical Heel Shrouds.

Mechanical Heel Shrouds

Mechanical Heel Shrouds

Being mechanically attached, these heel shrouds reduce maintenance and downtime. Our Mechanical Heel Shrouds cover the Cavity Corner.

Mechanical Heel Shrouds

Mechanical Wing Shroud

Attached with bolts, these Mechanical Wing Shrouds are designed to fit the curved edge and protect the weld point of the cutting edge. They are reversible.

Head Beam

Head Beam

The teardrop-shaped Head Beam provides structural integrity and allows the main bucket to be built separately.

Keel Saddle

Keel Saddle

Keel Saddle is an optional liner plate which adds protection to the front of the Inverted Keel.

SSAB Products

SSAB products

All of this made possible by taking optimal advantage of the qualities of Hardox wear plate and Strenx performance steel from SSAB.

Material density 2520 lbs/CuYd

Suspended Load (lbs) 29035 35737 19200 40786 23000 45129 29500 51103 33700 76059 94799 110363
Volume (CuYd) 8.08 9.94 11.05 12.07 13.16 20.57 25.8 30.11
Bucket Weight (lbs) 8598 10397 12824 14593 17835 24030 295542 34216
Bucket Width (inches) 85 95 100 108 112 118 132 140
Excavator Size (lbs) 160000- 180000 180000- 200000 200000- 260000 240000- 300000 300000- 360000 360000- 460000 460000- 560000 560000- 680000

Material density 3030 lbs/CuYd

Suspended Load (lbs) 29035 35737 19200 40786 23000 45129 29500 51103 33700 76059 94799 110363
Volume (CuYd) 6.74 8.36 9.28 10.1 11.54 17.21 21.58 25.18
Bucket Weight (lbs) 8201 9903 12214 13898 16063 22884 28131 32584
Bucket Width (inches) 81 91 97 104 108 114 129 136
Excavator Size (lbs) 160000- 180000 180000- 200000 200000- 260000 240000- 300000 300000- 360000 360000- 460000 460000- 560000 560000- 680000