Steel Target Silhouettes & Plate

Cutting Edge Supply stocks Hardox 500 plate steel in thickness ranging from ¼” to 2” thick.

Hardox 500 is a high abrasion resistant, extremely hard steel plate that is ideal for shooting targets. Our techs can plasma cut the plate to your requirements and can cut almost any shape via our CNC capabilities, giving endless options for custom targets.

We have extensive knowledge in the processing of Hardox 500 plate and our buying power allows us to offer the most comprehensive pricing in the industry. Below are examples of our silhouette capabilities.


HARDOX 500 Target Thickness to Caliber Recommendations*

  • 1/4" thick – Generally Not Recommended
  • check
    3/8” thick – Most Handguns & Rifle calibers .223, 5.56, 5.45X39, 7.62X39 & .308
  • check
    1/2" thick – Most Handguns & Rifle calibers 30-06, 7mm, .338MAG, & 45-70
  • check
    1” thick – .50 caliber & large caliber rounds

*These are recommendations only. Cutting Edge Supply is not responsible for misuses of steel targets and/or unsafe firearm use.

Armor & Bullet-Proof Plate

Our strong dealer relationship with SSAB Hardox steel allows us to offer a large variety of steel plate products including the SSAB Armox line of “bullet-proof” armor plate steel.

Armox is ideal for protecting oneself, passengers, valuable possessions or cargo. The high toughness of Armox makes it perfect for blast and ballistic protection.

Contact our sales team to find the optimal grade and dimensions for your application at 800 -949-9014.