Hardox® Spotlights Cutting Edge Supply in Masters of Uptime Series

A video crew from Hardox® paid a visit to Cutting Edge Supply headquarters in Colton, Cali., for an up-close look at the shop as part of their “Masters of Uptime” series.


“We serve all the industries — from agriculture to aggregate to mining to construction – pretty much anything that wears is where we’re at,” says CES President John Brenner in the video feature.


Cutting Edge Supply is not only the largest Hardox Wearparts dealer in North America, but also has in-house capabilities to handle custom steel fabrications from design and engineering to forming, cutting, machining and welding.


“We push the steel to the limit,” says Plant Superintendent and Colton Production Manager Baltazer Cardenas. “We do the impossible. I don’t care who you ask around here — we do the impossible.”


Doing the impossible is made easier by the superiority of Hardox wear plate.


“There’s no question that the Hardox product is a Cadillac of the industry,” says Brenner. “They don’t say ‘give me steel.’ They say ‘give me Hardox’.”


Watch below  to learn more about Hardox plate and how Cutting Edge Supply can reduce your downtime.


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