Meet the Team Spotlight: Jose Baltierra

Outside Sales Rep Jose Baltierra

Jose Baltierra has been a staple of the Cutting Edge Supply sales force for over 22 years now, helping to assist customers all across San Diego county with their heavy equipment wear part needs.


“It’s a great company to represent – the best company I’ve ever worked for ever, and that’s why I’ve been here so long,” said Jose of Cutting Edge. “It’s my plan to stay with Cutting Edge until I decide to retire.”


Fortunately for the family-owned business, that’s still a few years yet down the road.


Jose originally got his start in the heavy equipment world with a job building houses for a construction company.  That led to a stint with ATS, where he further expanded his skills and knowledge.


“I started out just doing labor, but at ATS, I learned how to weld and they moved me into the shop,” said Jose. “I started doing a little bit of everything – welding, hydraulics.”


In 1995, Jose took a job at Denardi Truck Body and Equipment as a welder/fabricator, working on utility trucks, dump trucks and flat beds.


“I was really happy with what I was doing, but they lost someone in sales and my boss kept asking me if I would consider transitioning into sales,” said Jose. “I agreed to give it a try and was transferred from the shop to the office to work in inside sales. That was a big change for me to go from working around the shop to talking to customers all day, as well as having to learn all the equipment and parts. There was about four times where I really wanted to go back to the shop, but my boss kept talking me out of it and eventually I decided I really enjoyed it.”


In 2002, following 7 years working in sales between Denardi and CMI (Construction Machinery Inc out of Alaska), Jose came onboard to Cutting Edge Supply.


“There’s so much potential at Cutting Edge,” said Jose. “With having our own equipment and machinery, we have so much we can offer our customers in terms of custom fabrication and repair. We are also the biggest independent GET company in the US, and with a very knowledgeable inside sales team. It seems there is always something new to learn with this job so it keeps it enjoyable.”


Over the last two decades, he’s built incredibly solid relationships with his customers.


“I think what all customers who work with Cutting Edge Supply can always expect is service,” said Jose. “And for me, service starts with honesty. You have to be honest, even if it’s not good news, and never promise what you can’t deliver. If you say you are going to do something, you better do it. That’s how you build relationships.”


When away from the office, Jose used to spend his free time playing baseball and raising his two children with his wife.  But the kids are now grown, living their own lives in Seattle and Long Beach, and about six years ago, Jose finally figured it was time to hang up his cleats.  Now that he and his wife live close to the ocean in Rosarito, Mexico, he’s picked up a new hobby.


“I’ve started to do more fishing – mostly just catching rockfish,” said Jose.


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