Meet the Team Spotlight: Rich Moreno

Rich Moreno, a ten-year veteran at Cutting Edge Supply, originally started working in the industry between his sophomore and junior year of college. 


“I worked at a wire screen company doing finishing touches on screens that were used for aggregate customers,” Rich shared. “At the time it was something that interested me and I needed a job. The business really fascinated me because prior to that  I had no idea that screens were used in more than just our windows and doors. I kept getting promoted to different positions and so I just continued in the industry.” 


From there, Rich continued racking up industry experience, focusing mainly on screening while also expanding his knowledge of crushing parts. After Cutting Edge adopted his former company’s Metso line in 2012, Rich soon became a recruiting target. 


“I got a call from Frank Brenner after CES picked up the line asking me to interview for a position,” said Rich. “Frank was persistent. I think we went back and forth for about six months before I finally looked into CES. I thought that it was a strong company and I liked the people I met, so I agreed to come to work here and I haven’t looked back since. It’s one of the best moves I’ve ever made in my life.”


As he nears retirement, Rich is currently focused on passing down his incredible wealth of knowledge to other Cutting Edge employees.


“I facilitate sales within the screening and crushing division and I train salespeople,” Rich explained. “I’ve been in the business for over 40 years so my experience and relationships help the guys to grow the business and get more acclimated to the division. I help them do what needs to be done to promote CES in sales.”


Looking back over the past ten years, Rich has loved being able to see the beauty of California and the camaraderie that he has found among his team and the company as a whole.


“I just love being out here and working with the guys,” Rich said. “I work with all hard workers, guys who are really dedicated to their jobs. It’s a pleasure to work with them. I also recently received a call from Frank Brenner who told me he was calling every one of his 160 employees. In my 40-plus-year career, I have never had an owner of a company want to know what every one of his employees thought about their job or the company. I thought that it was just phenomenal that he’s doing that.”


Outside of CES, Rich loves spending time with his children and grandchildren in addition to being active outdoors with his dog.


“I have three granddaughters that are from four months to three years old,” Rich shared. “I love getting to know them and spending time with my family whenever I can. I also ride my bike on trails around where I live. One of the things I enjoy now is getting out into nature— like walking with my dog. She’s thirteen years old but still acts like a puppy.”


Rich’s passion and love for his job and the people around him have become an inspiration for others at the company. He has helped Cutting Edge Supply grow over the past ten years and will be greatly missed when he retires at the end of 2023.


Thank you, Rich, for all of his hard work and dedication!

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